Siún Hanrahan’s work, A Tale of Bread, takes the form of a book in three parts - Milling, Baking and Eating. Bread is connectedness and communion and Conversation is connectedness and communion. Conversation is central to meaning as meaning emerges in the encounter with others. It is in and through conversation that identity is constructed.

Each part is built around a key moment in the tale of bread, from the processes by which it is made to the process by which it is consumed, and explores the intercourse of self and other in the emergence of meaning.

Some tales are told across all three parts and some belong to one part only. What is sought is a playful kneading of ideas, a kneading enacted within and between chapters.

A table is set with A Tale of Bread and viewers are invited to be seated and nibble or feast as suits their appetite.

Read here an extract from Eating - ‘the Gift’