‘Maria und der Vater’ (Maria and her Father) was screened at West Cork Arts Centre on Thursday 15 September 2005 as part of BreadMatters Forum.

This important film, made by Portuguese artist Maria Lino, is a journey back to her roots in the remote and primitive landscape of northern Portugal, a journey taken after many years of her living and working as an artist in Germany. The film celebrates the rituals and traditions of childhood memory and her unique ability to communicate across all of the ages and cultural mores inherent in village society in the simple act of engaging the villagers in drawing.

Maria Lino uses the enduring process of threshing, kneading, making, baking, and ultimately, the sharing of bread, to draw in stark relief the rituals that embrace daily life and simultaneously she raises questions regarding the sometimes ‘romantic’ vision urbanites hold over the rural way of life.

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