Evidence / Ireland
Particles of dough, which constitute the basis for my current presentations and exhibitions, come from my show ‘Type 650’ presented at the Bia_a Gallery in 2001. From that moment on they have been subjected to a process of continuous counting, becoming a new medium which is once food for pigeons, then a painting, and then an object.

The preserved particles carry in them the recorded identity of several dozens of people who participated in creating the first show in 2001. I document the ‘life-stories’ of these particles on photographs, films, in notes and e-mail messages. It is how the history of particles comes into being. ‘The Particles Collection’ is also a part of it. It is a collection of works and objects realized by artists / friends. The first presentation of the collection took place in 2002 in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia).

Counting of the particles is a process opening up numerous other paths. Some of them will be realized in Ireland in 2005.

Jan Gryka - September 2005

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