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Roxana Meechan

Presentation - BreadMatters II, Lisboa, Portugal


Bread as Art

Art as bread… Poetry as bread… Dance as bread…. Drama as bread…. Circus skills as bread…. Art as bread… Craft as bread…. New Media as bread….
The search for the truth about my own identity and the next self discovery through my artistic endeavours is what matters to me and why I engage in creative activity individual or collaboratively. Letting go of frustration and pain, emotion and joy while finding hidden energy channels and tuning into the magic flow of a particular moment is what moves me on to continue to tell new stories and perhaps even create new myths.

Bread Monologues…

Bread Moments

Bread Made
Made In Bread

Bread Made Moments

Bread trepidations
Bread meditations
Bread inspirations
Bread situations

Bread interventions

Bread distractions
Bread reactions

Bread contentions

Bread reflections
Bread connections

Bread encounters

Bread influences

Bread commentaries

Bread recital

Bread nonsense's

It's just Bread…

if it…

looks like bread,
smells like bread,
sounds like bread,
tastes like bread,
feels like bread!

Like bread…
Clouds in a blue sky!

Like bread…
Sea-foam riding high!

Like bread…
Crumbs under my feet!

Like bread…
Crusts warmly under my feet!

Like bread…
Wrapped up and ready!

Like bread…
Hungrier than ever!

Like bread…
Empty inside!

Like bread…
Simply idealised!

Water Brothers
Bread brothers,
Bread sisters,
Bread sisters & Brothers!
Bread is promising, it's comforting, malleable…
Bread Children want bread

To bread or not to bread…
Now, I am, then I'm not!

To breed or not to breed…
Many reduced to one
in ever decreasing numbers.

To breathe or not to breathe…

Greed or not Greed…

Consequences identified.
Results previously classified.

"Con pan y vino andamos el camino,
con solo pan y agua no vamos a ningun sitio…

With bread and wine we walk the way,
with only bread and water we don't go anywhere…

"Tu eres un pedazo de pan,
un cacho de pan
un trozo de pan… somos

You are a piece of bread,
a lump of bread,
a bit of bread… we are!

"Mas bueno que el pan,
que es lo que es mas bueno?
Que es lo que no es mas bueno?

Better than bread,
What is that which is better?
What is that which isn't better?

"Pan con pan… comida de tontos
Bread with bread… fool's food

"Una merienda de negros"

Black people's supper
Just flour and water,
And if they are lucky
yeast or sodium bicarbonate

In the bath, flour and water,
hands, elbows, knees, feet kneading dough…
White paste
and painted skin scales
a sinister Butoh bread dance

Floor laid out with white bread
Bare feet walk over bread slices
Lying down, more bread
Covering up body as in a giant sandwich

Bread costume
mattress of bread

bread sticks

French bread fight
in a Spanish School playground,
quickly torn crunchy bread,
sharp as a knife!
And it cuts one of the rival's skin
leaving a scar forever
triggering infinite bread mementoes…

Bread puddings, breadcrumbs,
cheese on toast, cheese 'beanos',
French toast,
toasters and toasty makers,
toast and more toast,
burnt toast and the scratching
of its black surface
to recycle yet another slice

in another bread dimension
bread flowers
hand made
bread paper

Bread slice covers screen
and it breaks to reveal another
untouched virginal brand new white slice
and another…
and another…
and another…
Bread Bud

Art as Bread and Bread as Art

Make a picture
in each slice
that tells…
your particular tale of bread

Overeating discounted priced bread
Fridge full of mouldy bread
A roll… gone hard!
difficult to cut
applying full bodyweight's pressure
knife slides
rolling over index finger
cutting skin
blood spurting out
red stained bread
light headed
getting dressed with one hand
walking down to casualties
heartbeat banging on deafened ears
four large stitches
neatly executed
and the excruciating twinges
oh no! not time wasted!
waiting for feelings to disappear

The cut off point that I was looking for…?

And water filled transparent tank
recording loaf's swelling
Bread pieces thrown
fought for by seagulls and crows
snatched by ducks and swans
and fish scurrying speedily
suckling the treacherous bait awaiting
uncertain destiny
and a procession of ants collecting it
to later celebrate common struggle

white bread slices
sandwiching together dark bread

mountains of full rounded bread crusts
that are empty
some discarding these crusts
others rejecting the soft dough inside

while there's a lot of blood
still draining into the bread

and many colours waiting to be painted
onto these mainly white bread slices:
red tomato sauce, yellow English mustard,
Scottish mushy peas, blue cheese,
apricot jam, honey and peanut butter,
chocolate spread…
and textures to be added into this…

Bread Machine…
turning and churning
loads of loaves,
different types
crunchy, soft, hard
and warm
white, brown, black
and torn.

Bread Machine…
clocking and humming
never enough dough kneaded
in so many patterns
spirals, circles, lines
that clash
spots, bumps, creases
that mush.

Bread Machine…
you get out what you put in
every variation
all repeated commutations

can be eaten or wasted
swallowed or tasted.
Bread Machine…
producing insatiably
nourish and bloated ness,
furriness and occasionally
even a sense of belonging
to a much larger piece of the puzzle…

Greed Machine
gearing up to sudden destruction!

"No solo de pan viven los hombres…
pero tambien de Paz, de Salud, de Amor y de Arte…"

Not only of bread live men
But also of Peace, of Health, of Love and of Art…

© Roxana Meechan - July 2003


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