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Luisella Carretta

Installation - BreadMatters II, Lisboa, Portugal



The child asked for bread from her mother

The butter melted on the hot bread

She ate in happiness

A fragrance, a morsel, a pleasure

Today we still experience wealth or poverty

Bread a gift often refused for many people



Sea Bread lasts for a long time.

Sea Bread survives the long months, the water and the cold.

Sea Bread against the solitude, to soothe the hunger.

The baggage of the sailors and the captains always held a lot of sea bread: the round shape, the persistent smell from the flour, the scent from the wood oven. The emigrants, during their long journey, had the same bread in their bags alongside objects that held the memory of their life.

Giovanni, Alvaro, Felice, Ernesto, Natale, Gio Batta and Cesare travelled on steamships or transatlantic liners on a long sea voyage and experiencing terrible storms.

Sea Bread was a salvation in shipwrecks.

Sea Bread is an old recipe, the same on the two shores of the Atlantic sea and the same on the shore of the Mediterranean.

Edwige said:

"The sailors bread, around the Carleton harbour in the old time was the same shape, round and light. Today not only in Gaspésie, but in all Canada we can't find a bakery that produces that bread".

Today here the old tradition, passed on from the sailors' wives remains intact.

Today in Genoa, in the old city, the bakery produces and sells Sea Bread.

The same shape, fragrance, like in the old time: water, flour, salt and fire.



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